Sonia Delaunay, Design & Geometric Abstraction

Painting by Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay was the first living woman to have a retrospective at the Louvre and is probably best known for her bold geometric patterns. Delaunay spent most of her career in Paris, painting and designing alongside her husband Robert Delaunay. As we studied her work and life, we noted and analyzed important elements that made her work so appealing (color, line, composition). Students created their own, bold, geometric painting inspired by her design.

Julia, Grade 8
Acrylic on Paper

Kayla, Grade 7
Acrylic on Paper

For the RECORD…

Recycling materials allows students to see possibilities where others may see limitations. This project turned donated 45s into weaving looms. This lesson teaches students to create a radial weavings, tie knots and shows how weaving does not have to be linear.

Nothing makes you feel “wise” like being asked more times than I will admit is writing, “What is this thing?”, “How does it even work?”, “You mean, you couldn’t listen to music on your phone?” Shock. Total, jaw dropping shock, when I told my students I did not have a cell phone until my third year of college.

Their work turned into one impressive installation!