Pottery Wheels!


The last month has been busy in the art room on many fronts, students have been busy creating and I have been feverishly writing grant proposals to get our ceramics programs up and running. Thanks to a generous donation by our PTO, we were able to order 5 pottery wheels. Last week, the Brevard Schools Foundation was kind enough to select our art room grant for funding, meaning we will now have all the supplies needed to teach students how to throw on the wheel and create functional pieces of stoneware (that means it’s not a paperweight, you’ll actually be able to put it in the microwave and dishwasher)!


One of the reasons I feel learning pottery skills is so important in the middle school art room is that it requires patience,  teaches that small movements can have huge impacts and most importantly, when you your hands are full of clay you can’t use your cell phone (kidding, well…kind of)! In a world that moves with lightening speed, slowing down and creating functional pottery allows you to appreciate everyday items a little more.  Many of our surrounding high schools have wonderful ceramics programs so students leaving our art program will leave with necessary skills for success in upper level ceramics programs (and hopefully a lifelong love and appreciate for the arts).

PARENTS: Please keep a look out for a pottery flyer heading home with students next month (December). There will be a sign up for Friday evening pottery where your students can teach you how to throw on our wheels. Spaces are limited. 





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