It’s Hip to be Square: Self Portraits

Understanding facial proportions and facial planes is not always easy, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be fun! These 3D self portraits are the introduction to portraiture and help students understand where facial features are located and that the face is comprised of many planes. Check out these fun selfies completed by 2D Studio Art Students.



Mixed Media Animal Eyes

Everyone seems to love doodling eyes, whether they are human, animal or even cartoon. For this project 2D Studio students tackled creating enlarged animal eyes using a variety of processes and materials.

Students began this project by creating a test sheet of different visual textures. They experimented creating using….

  • Wax Resist
  • Oil Scrapping
  • Stamping
  • Mixing Salt & Watercolor
  • Watercolor & Colored Pencil
  • Marker & Water
  • Chalk Rubbings

Once they experimented and looked at possible textures, they selected an animal eye and got to work creating a grid.


Planning Exercise Focusing on VALUE


Completed Works of Art