James Prosek Inspired Paintings


I was first introduced to the work of James Prosek after his work was exhibited at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. Artist, Author and Naturalist, Prosek is often referred to as the  “Audobon of the fishing world.” One of the most powerful elements of his art is that his work forces the viewer to look at each fish (or animal) in a way they may have never had the opportunity, up close and personal.  Prosek seeks to paint each fish, the moment is exits the water, when their colors are pure and vivid. He is one of my favorite artists to introduce students to because many share is love of nature.

After looking at Prosek’s work, we examined the wildlife of our own Indian River Lagoon. Like many of the animals that Prosek painted, the fish and birds of our Lagoon are in peril due to human pollution. Each student selected one fish or bird then using a grid, created their drawing. The grid allows students to draw more accurately and break down each complex photograph into small, more managable parts.

These paintings were completed in the first 8 days of school….




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