Blind Contour Drawings

First, allow me to share some exciting news with you, this year, A Messy Art Room, graduated from the Elementary  (probably due so extensive mess making) to MIDDLE SCHOOL! Therefore, now, on this site you’ll have a chance to see all the creative adventures of 7th and 8th graders.

Speaking of creative adventures, we have already embarked on our first (and it’s only the third day of school). Visual Art I students created blind contour drawings and they came out amazing. For those of you who do not know what blind contour drawing is, it is when you draw (in this case the person across from them) without looking at your paper or picking up your pencil/Sharpie. The results delight everyone, it’s a wonderful thing to take away the pressure of perfectionism. For this project, students drew multiple blind contours, sometimes they overlapped, sometimes they did not. The results are unpredictable but the exercise is meaningful because it forces students to really look at what they are drawing and notice all the small features of the face while also improving hand-eye coordination.

As a finishing touch, students added details within their drawing….



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