Sumi Ink Collaboration

I have long been a fan of Sumi Ink Clubs, started in 2005, these clubs promote collaborative art making for all skill levels and ages. Their website, Sumi Ink Club, gives a broader view of the organization if you’re interested in learning more. As a first day of school activity, students explored and experimented with Sumi Ink. Sumi Ink is a opaque permanent black ink often used in Japanese Calligraphy.  Using similar rules as the Sumi Ink Club students created, abiding by the following:

  1. Draw, doodle, experiment with brush strokes or even add to the work of others.
  2. Move around, draw in different areas.
  3. No name or words
  4. Draw slowly, make marks thoughtfully
  5. (And…please, please try not to spill any ink)

As a bonus, as students worked, they gained experience in brush handling and discovered how variations in line work affected the final product.




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