Pre-K & Kindergarten Batik

Batik is a style of painting which involves pouring hot wax on cloth (creating a resist), then painting. This process of batik is very popular in Japan and Indonesia. For those parents reading this, don’t panic, while we did use wax it was in the much safer crayon form!

Using 100% cotton fabric, I cut it into long rectangle then glued one end to extra long wooden sticks. The wooden stick provides a handle to hold so students are not carrying wet fabric around the room with paint colored hands (it is also a great place to put their name). In class, we watched a video of a batik artist who used hot wax and discussed designs.

Each student drew on their cloth using a white construction paper crayon (these crayons work the best because they are a little waxier than normal crayons). It was difficult for students to see their design, but it was amazing to watch their faces when the paint was applied, revealing their drawing! We kept the design simple, primarily focuses on shapes and line.

Once their designs were complete they moved from table to table painting with 6 different colors of liquid watercolor. If you try this had home, make sure the paint is not too thick (thick paint will hide their work).

The results were beautiful…




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