Clay Owls

Lower primary grade levels explored texture and created these amazing ceramic owls. As an introduction to clay students experimented, explored, and were exposed to new techniques. These owls were created using a ball of clay and a Crayola marker. The marker was used to create the texture and add details. For the first time in the art room, we used a marker without ever removing the cap!


Students painted their owls with liquid watercolor and sealed them with Mod Podge


Using the cap of a Crayola Marker students made semi-circles to look like feathers. The end of the marker was used to add eyes! This pair of owls are awaiting the addition of beaks!


1st grade added additional color using construction paper crayons!


Interested in making them at home with colored dough? Click the link for the video: Clay Owl Tutorial



Pasta Textured Pinch Pot Fish

Texture is an Element of Art that we review with different materials throughout the year. This week we used dry pasta to create a variety of interesting textures in a pinch pot. Students added features and details to create a unique fish.


Wet clay textured with a variety of different shaped pasta 


Swimming to the kiln….

After their sculptures were fired in our kiln, students used liquid water color and construction paper crayons to bring them to life!


See how we made them or try it at home with air dry clay or modeling dough… Pasta Textured Fish Demo Video

Andy Saczynski Inspired Florida Folk Art

As an art teacher I believe it is important to teach students that people are making art today, after all, many of the masters artist we come to admire are now on the other side (Van Gogh, Monet, da Vinci, etc.). There are so many artists creating amazing work this very minute, right here in the Sunshine State no less. Cue…Andy Saczynski!

Saczynski is a Florida based Folk Artist who uses a variety of materials to create bold works that are eye catching and student accessible. His work can also be found on Immaculate Baking products at your local grocery, further proof art is everywhere if you look! You can read more about Andy Saczynski and see his art by visiting,

Together we looked at Saczynski’s alligator assemblages, while he used a variety of materials (requiring several power tools) we opted for paint and paper. Students worked with different color paper and studied how shapes can be used to create simple images. Using a variety of patterns and colors students created breathtaking works while also reviewing the Elements of Art (line, color and shape).