Warm & Cool Color Paper Weaving (K-2)


We have had so much fun exploring warm and cool colors, then learning to weave.  First, we painted pictures using only warm colors (orange, yellow and red) or only cool colors (blue, purple and green). Then, we (I) used the paper cutter to cut all the masterpieces into 1/2″ strips. Students learned new vocabulary (loom, weaving) and new skills, all while creating these beautiful works of art.

Instructional Video: Paper Weaving (K-2)


Then, the weaving began….



Charlie Harper Inspired Birch Trees

Florida winter seems to have come…and gone, but in the art room first graders are hard at work creating winter scenes inspired by artist, Charlie Harper. Harper is an American Modernist, known for his illustrations of wildlife.

Thanks to a kind donation of hotel keys from the Hilton, we were able to spread black paint across paper to create life-like birch trees. Using different materials in the art making process teaches that art can be made from anything, and gives students the creative freedom to explore and experiment.


This project allowed students to explore a variety of painting techniques while also learning about lines, shapes and color!

Recycled Flowers


Looking to beautifully recycle your two liter bottles? These flowers will soon be part of a later project but here are the instructions to create them yourself.

All you’ll need is scissors, spray paint, 2 Liter Bottles (clear work best), a paper hole puncher and some wire!



Paper Mache Animal Masks

After reading,”Clay Lab for Kids” by Cassie Stephens I was incredibly inspired to create Paper Mache animal masks in the art room using Celluclay. Together we took a creative excursion to the computer lab and drew preliminary sketches, carefully analyzing the facial features of animals. The results of researching, planning and creating were nothing short of amazing!

Plastic Masks Transformed with Celluclay