Artist Mark Oliver Inspired Litterbugs


Mark Oliver is a contemporary artist based out of England, his work is not only beautiful but incredibly interesting. Oliver takes two elements that most people find unsightly, trash and insects and makes them so intriguing that most cannot look away. Analyzing Oliver’s work provides an opportunity for students to question what they consider an art supply and how different materials are used to communicate powerful messages.

Litter is a universal problem, but what if students discovered ways to create art with lasting materials we regularly discard. This project is designed to get students to think creatively about what materials can be instead of only looking at what the material is. When students start to see possibilities where others see limitations, suddenly the entire world becomes an art store. Mark Oliver’s work proves that you do not need fancy, expensive art supplies to create beautiful art that communicates powerful messages.


For this project, students were given an array of materials. They were tasked with designing an insect using unlikely supplies.  Each insect had to have a three part body, antennas and fit within specific measurements.  The results were amazing.






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