Transforming Spaces Through Art Education



Wet clay waiting to dry before being fired in our kiln!

Art has the power to change opinions, communicate ideas, transform spaces and change feelings. The power of art is limitless. This lesson focused on how art can be a vehicle for change. Together we looked at the young artists who transformed Brownsville, New York by creating a series of murals. These murals changed the way the community felt about where they lived.


  • How can we use art to change how we feel about our school?
  • How can art change other people’s perception of our school?
  • How can we transform a space on our campus?

Millions (well, maybe hundreds) of ideas followed through the art room. Here’s how our art room is using art to transform the front of our school (car loop). Our goal is simple…change how people feel when they approach our school (simple enough for a group of elementary students, right?).

Each student is creating two flowers (one for Columbia, one to keep and cherish forever). That 501 flowers that will be “planted” in a landscaped area in the front of the school. This large scale project will be too big to ignore!



‘ Together we all grow…





3 thoughts on “Transforming Spaces Through Art Education

  1. Rich LeCompte says:

    The transformation of clay to beautiful flowers for the front of the school is a memory these students will remember forever. From looking plain to eye catching ahhh the beauty of art makes anything possible. Great job it makes me smile every time I see it ❤love it. Thank you


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