Dumpster Discovery

I think it is safe to speak for all art teachers when I say, we love trash. Here is the visual story of how an old, unloved chalkboard became something entirely different thanks to assistance of so many little painters! 


Georgia O’Keeffe & Painted Paper

Over the past two weeks we looked at the works of Georgia O’Keeffe. O’Keeffe famously painted large-scale flowers and beautiful desert landscapes. While looking at her work, we studied two Elements of Art, SHAPE and TEXTURE.  We built upon students’ prior knowledge by creating our own flowers using  organic and geometric shapes. Painted paper gave each flower a unique texture. Together we explored how shapes create images.



VA.1S.2.1 Practice correct use of tools with various art media, techniques and processes.
VA.1.O.1.1 Identify and use structural elements of art and organizational principles of design to support artistic development.