Summer Sketchbooks


Published in the International Journal of Science Education, Margaret Brooks’ article, “Drawing, Visualization and Young Children’s Exploration of “Big Ideas” explains how important drawing is for  children. Brook’s notes that “drawing is both a means of communication as well as a problem-solving tool. Through drawing [children] are not only able to see what they are thinking, they are also able to play around with and transform their ideas (Brooks 2009).” Even more interesting is that she believes that drawings are part of the learning process and should not be weighed as a final product.  

This research lead to our final project, SUMMER SKETCHBOOKS! 527 staples, 6 packs of drawing paper and over 200 sheets of colored construction paper later, these small books are now in the home of each student (or at the bottom of their backpack). These books provide at least one creative outlet for summer fun (and limitless drawing possibilities). I feel strongly that drawing plays an important role in education. Drawing helps students develop visual communication tools, important observational skills and learn how to express themselves in different ways. These sketchbooks are the perfect place for “bad” and “terrible” drawings. In fact, perfect drawings have no place in a sketchbook. These sketchbooks are all about figuring out how lines go together (or don’t), how shapes can be use to create different (even abstract) images, sketchbooks are a place to experiment, create and have fun. The best part of a sketchbook is it is YOURS!

Happy Drawing…




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