Creative Cardboard

Google defines creativity as the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work. Imagination and original artwork often go hand in hand, but one of the wonderful things about art is sometimes it happens accidentally. These creative mistakes, happy accidents or beautiful oops (the latter also happens to be a great book) happen on a daily basis and are an important part of the artistic process. Learning to work through these incidents are incredibly important. This project was created to force students to see their work differently, instead of beginning a project with a beautiful vision of their finished product, students have no idea what they are creating (and for the most part). Before you panic and imagine our art room as a giant free for all, this is an incredibly controlled project that gets even those students wishing they were in PE excited to create. We started creating shapes, then assembled the shapes together to create fish, dogs or cats (depending on the grade level).

Here are the results….

Step 1: Create a round shape from a rectangle.

Step 2: Cut out a “U” or a “V” (for 2nd grade and up)

Step 3: Cut triangles & circles in different sizes

Step 4: Assemble into a fish & paint!


Complimentary Colored Cardboard Creations


Kindergarten and 1st grade created these dogs!


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