District Elementary Art Show

The Brevard District Art Show was held at the Melbourne Auditorium, the room was filled with so many amazing pieces of art created by talented little artists. Congratulations to all the students whose work was selected to represent Columbia Elementary! We were fournate enough to have 5 students place…

2nd Place (3D, 5th Grade): Danielle

3rd Place (3D, 6th Grade): Alana

2nd Place (3D, 4th Grade): Jasmin

Merit: Alex (4th Grade) 

Merit Naomi (3rd Grade)


Art & Literacy: (Keith Haring) The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing

As chance would have it, a fellow teacher was kind enough to leave me the most enormous, wonderful, and sturdy cardboard box in my room. To an art teacher, this box made me feel as though it was Christmas in March. Within minutes, previously planned lessons for the day were erased and students had paintbrushes in their hands. It was a Keith Haring kind of day!

As a quick introduction, I read the wonderful book by Keith Haring’s sister, Kay Haring, The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing. After the book was over everyone was eager to paint buildings, walls and sidewalks….but we compromised and decided the box would be our best choice (for now). Keith Haring is a great artist for kids to explore because his paintings are bright, bold and communicate powerful messages. Most students have seen his iconic people before so his work is familiar to many.

8:50 am: 2nd grader is hard at work painting the box! 


9:15 am: 2nd grade worked beautifully together! 

10:00 am: 3rd grade is now hard at work feeling in the Keith Haring inspired drawing. 

10:40 am: 4th grade added a few finishing touches and worked together to mix colors!

11:35 am: 6th grade painted their hearts out and helped with all the finishing touches! 

Drum Roll…. 



Kindergarten & 1st grade added small drawings in the afternoon. 

Gond Art Inspired by Suresh Dhrube

This week we tackled SYMBOLISM in the art room. We looked at the work of  Suresh Dhrube, a folk artist from India. Dhrube’s work is considered Gond Folk Art and I just love the simple shapes, small details and bright colors. Students created their own Gond style works of art and used birds to symbolize their families. While studying the work of Dhrube, it is was important for students realize that “good art” does not have to be realistic. This lesson empathizes that how art is a tool for communication and meaning!

Each student created their own piece of meaningful, authentic art. Some students drew (pun intended) their inspiration from Dhrube, they were free to create their own birds or make any alterations. Drum roll….here are the family flocks in progress….