Artist Amy van Luijk Inspired Collage

The simple style of New Zealand artist, Amy van Luijk’s work is both inviting and approachable for students. Her illustrations are simple, yet amazing. When I saw her collage-weaving work I instantly knew I could use them to create an important lesson in our art room. It is important for students to understand geometric and organic shapes, as they are the foundation for observing and drawing the world around us. If you can visually break down an image into shapes, you can draw ANYTHING.

In class we cut geometric shapes out of painted paper and then students were challenged to create their own organic shape. Their own shape could be inspired by nature (broken leaf, trunk of a tree, blade of grass), something around the art room or from their imagination.

After looking at Amy van Luijk’s work 2nd graders created these beautiful collages (many of which I would love to hang in my home)…


Students were also able to create illustrations and use them to weave…


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