Vincent Van Gogh Inspired Paintings

Van Gogh’s life was not a bed of roses, or even sunflowers for that matter. He began his painting career in his late 20’s, and over his lifetime produced nearly 900 works of art. Now, the most amazing part, he only sold ONE painting! That’s right, while Van Gogh was alive, no one fancied Starry Night, not one person had to have those gorgeous sunflowers hanging in their home. People disliked his landscapes and not one paid much attention to his still lifes. He painted because he loved it. One of the hardest things to do is doing what you love, without any recognition. The question I posed, “Would you keep painting if everyone told you they were terrible? Would you keep making art if no one ever purchased one of your paintings? Would you go without food to be able to continue to make art?”

 Van Gogh did. He was courageous. 

The life of Van Gogh has different implications in the art room, sometimes, students sometimes dislike another students work. Does not mean it is bad? No. Does that mean they should stop creating? Maybe it means they are the next Van Gogh. As another great artist, Henri Matisse, said, CREATIVITY TAKES COURAGE.

6th grade created sunflower still life paintings inspired by the work of Van Gogh. We began by painting the paper black to make it more interesting….




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