Communicating Visually: The Emoji Pillow Project

While we all may not speak the same language, we all can understand visual images. The emoji is defined as a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion as a form of electronic communication. We use these images to communicate message, happy, sad, frustrated, mad and even love. This project is designed to show students how powerful one image can be and how images can easily communicate ideas, emotions and feelings. Are images more powerful than words? I’ll let you decide.


We began this project by planning and practicing using shapes to draw emojis. Each student folded a paper to create 4 equal sections then drew 3 emojis of their choice and created one original emoji. Then we painted paper yellow!


Each student looked at their work and decided which two emojis were their favorite. Their final choices were drawn on their yellow paper then colored with Sharpies and oil pastels.


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