Art & Literacy: 100 Days of Monsters

With Halloween quickly approaching, I was inspired by all the creativity and surrounds this holiday. To me, Halloween is about creating! Homemade costumes, props, decorations…Halloween really provides an opportunity for everyone to create. While I am typically opposed to holiday themed art, this project is more about the process than the subject or holiday. This project allows art to happen, and teaches students to realize that the materials can begin the creative process, instead of an idea.

Prior to starting the art making process we looked at the pictures from the book, 100 Days of Monsters by Stefan Bucher. We also watched a few of the monsters being created on Bucher’s YouTube Channel!

Step 1: Using a straw, students used a forceful breath of air to move a small amount of drawing ink around their paper.

Step 2: Each student rotated their paper looking for an idea or inspiration!

Step 3: Sharpies were used to bring their creations to life!

Sometimes the best plan is no plan at all….




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