Watercolor Resist Orange Slices

A watercolor resist is a painting technique that repels paint. In this project we accomplished this in two ways, black glue (around each of the orange slices) and oil pastels (inside the orange slices). Students also had an opportunity to create visual textures using salt and rubbing alcohol.

Step 1: We used old rolls of masking tape and created a composition of repeating circles, by tracing the interior circle and exterior circle of the making tape.

Step 2:  We added the lines and a donut shape inside each circle. All the lines were traced in Sharpie. Black glue was used to trace the exterior circle so the background paint color would RESIST spreading into the orange. Finally, white oil pastel was added!


Step 3: Using orange and blue liquid watercolors we painted the oranges and background. We added salt to the oranges and rubbing alcohol to the background…resulting in some amazing masterpieces!



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