Recycled Magazine Bowls

I love recycled art projects, and this one is no different. These beautiful bowls will soon be created by my 5th and 6th graders. As I wrote in a previous post…teaching students how to successfully use recycled materials in the art room is important for numerous reasons. One of the most important reasons is that teaching applications for recycled materials empowers students. By showing students art can be created using materials they have access to on a daily basis; suddenly the world becomes a giant art store, full of possibilities, instead of limitations. Another reason recycled art lessons are important is that it creates environmental awareness and fosters an atmosphere where students are more responsible consumers. There are so many contemporary artists creating beautiful art that communicate powerful messages today, these artists show how powerful any material can be.

Here’s a quick “how to” for creating these beautiful recycled bowls…

Begin with a magazine, you want to make sure all the pages are the same size and paper weight if you are using more than one. Tear our the pages.

Fold the paper in half length wise (also, known in class as hot dog style). Open then fold each half to the center line.

Fold closed, then fold in half again. You should have a 1″ folded sheet of paper.

Continue until you have 30 folded pieces of paper (small bowl). Remember, the more paper, the bigger the bowl. Tape 3 pieces of paper together (end to end), using clear tape. Roll the paper (like a sleeping bag).

Tape the roll closed. Repeat with another 3 strips, tape the beginning to the end of the last strip (on the roll). When the desired diameter pull the sides up to create your bowl. Modge Podge bowl to secure! Finally, admire your recycled art handy work!


Watch the video tutorial by clicking here: Recycled Magazine Bowls 


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