6th Grade Charcoal Project

As an artist, charcoal is my medium of choice, but as a teacher I usually opt for materials with greater vibrancy…but not this time! Later this year, all 6th graders get to take a field trip to Kennedy Space Center. This week we started working on space themed art for Space Week. Two students will be selected to represent Columbia Elementary and have their work on display during Space Week at KSC. What is even cooler is that the two students receive an award signed by an astronaut AND every 6th grader in the county will see their work (that makes them pretty much art famous)!

Today, we worked on creating a ground, which is the base of our drawing. Instead of drawing in pencil, we used a ground, and covered the entire paper with charcoal (creating a gray color). Students then used an eraser instead of a pencil to draw. I am blown away by how quickly students were able to adapt to this subtractive process.


Next, we used charcoal pencils to add in the dark areas (additive process) and used the eraser again to create the lighter areas (subtractive process).  This project gives students the opportunity to work with materials that real artist use and explore different art making processes.


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