Creation Station No. 3

Creation Station No.3 Ingredients 

  • yellow & purple paint*
  • 4 q-tips
  • 1 small rock
  • 1 large rock
  • 2 pieces of cut kitchen sponge
  • paper

*Paint Recommendation: Crayola Washable Kids Paint because the colors are vibrant and they really do wash out of everything (hair, clothes… even the inside of noses).

Crayola Paint  (Amazon, $7)


This Creation Station allows children to explore creating using variety of textures (hard, soft, rough, smooth, etc) while also learning to apply paint on different surfaces with different materials. Kitchen sponges, corks and q-tips allow children to begin experimenting with printmaking by stamping.  The rocks are an especially important component because they provide a link to nature. It is important to get children to explore the world around them and look at everyday options in different ways. Painting rocks (if that is what your child chooses to do) suddenly opens the door to other art adventures. Some see rocks, others see spectacular small canvases waiting to be transformed!


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