Homemade Soap Bubble Paint

Homemade Soap Bubble Paint Recipe 

5 Tbsp Liquid Dish Soap

1 Tbsp Liquid Watercolor or Tempra (adjust until desired color intensity is reached)

1/2 cup water


Small bowl or cup


Using dish soap, paint and straws students created printed bubbles. The interesting thing about bubble art is that is captures the image of a bubble which would otherwise disappear, never to be seen again.

Student grade tempra paint, dish soap and a splash of water were mixed together in yogurt cups. Using straws students dipped the end and blew to create bubbles on their paper. The straw was also used to blow bubbles in the yogurt cup until it nearly overflowed and then paper was pressed on top.

The bubbles made a mess but my entire room had a wonderful, clean aroma. In the afternoon I changed out the tempra paint for liquid watercolors and found it worked much better.



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