Homemade Liquid Watercolors

With over 500 students creating in our art room on a weekly basis we go through a LOT of markers. As an art teacher with an extremely low budget I have to be really resourceful (it nearly causes me physical to throw anything away).  Liquid Watercolors happen to be my favorite art material because they are vivid and intense in color. Here’s an easy way to make them using old markers.

Homemade Liquid Watercolors 

Step 1: Remove the caps from 5-7 markers of the same color.

Step 2: Rubberband them all together with the tips pointing down.

Step 3: Place markers point down in a cup (I use an old yogurt cup). Put a  1/2 cup of water in cup.

Step 4: Let sit over night.

Step 5: Remove the marks and discard. The liquid that remains is a homemade liquid watercolor! Use just as you would a store bought liquid watercolor, but do not dilute unless you’re trying to achieve a lighter color!



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