Our Art Room

Yes, our art room is a mess! I like to consider it more of an “organized mess” than just your regular, run of the mill type of mess. Of course, there are times I dream of sparkling floors, a spotless sink but the reality is that over 150 7th & 8th graders make art in my room each day.  Aside from the art making process, there are spills (water if I am lucky, paint if I am not), drops, drips,and leaks.
Art provides a unique opportunity for students to be “messy.” This does not mean students do not have to respect their materials or clean up, it simply means that a (controlled) mess is byproduct of the creative process. Art enables students to experiment with different materials, communicate visually and get their hands dirty. Very few times in the day or week do students have the opportunity experiment, express and create something unique and authentic.